Pest Control

You’re in luck! The highest quality Pest Control services are available in Marco Island, thanks to Bug Free Services. Our expertise has been helping residents in Marco Island since 1998. How can we help?

Rodent Proofing and Trapping

Call 239-642-0286

Call 239-642-0286

Rodents can eat away at electrical wires behind the walls, eat through insulation in the attic, and even chew through walls to make their way into your home. Don’t let these little animals take over your home, we can effectively eliminate rodents with traps and effective baiting.

It’s also important to rodent proof a home that has been affected by rodents. This requires a carefully trained technician, that knows what rats and other rodents might use to gain entry into your home.

Termite Prevention and Treatments

Marco Island is at the epicenter of paradise, it’s where most of us come to live the dream. But what if you have termites eating away the equity in your dream home? Not to worry though, Bug Free Services is on your side of the table. We have become the local authority when it comes to termites and termite treatments.

How can you avoid termites?

Short answer is, you can’t. Unless we treat your foundation before any subterranean termites are detected, which would protect that specific property for up to 7 years. Otherwise the only proactive treatment relies on careful and constant observation.

Call 239-642-0286

Call 239-642-0286

Do you see mud trails coming up from the ground?

Subterranean Termites can’t survive without these mud trails, made up of sand or dirt grains, they help termites navigate without being exposed to the outside air.